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  1. Talking about GRADE – would it make more sense to talk about two small cars (instead of small and big) and one just is of higher grade, more expensive, bit more durable etc. instead of comparing small and big as it seems to me those two different categories of cars would not have the same functionality (sure they drive but one might be a sports car the other a family Van). Interested to hear what others think… thx.

    1. Hi Roger, you can take all kinds of cars for this example as it will depend only on the requirements. If you only order a car to transport 4 Persons (Attributes Sampling) from A to B, both cars, big and small (with 4 seats), will fulfill quality. But the grade (Variables Sampling) describes those things that were not part of the scope description. In the Moment you make further definitions of the scope (more details: size, power, color, brand, etc.), it will become a quality measurement. We will have this topic in the live training too. Regards Christian

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